Image by Natalia Arkusha

You have reached the page of Geeks of Nevada.

We have changed the home page to make an announcement.

It is not without regret that I have come to the decision that it is time to shut the doors to Geeks of Nevada. The last year has really taken a toll on me physically and I don’t feel that I’m providing the service that I aspired to when I opened the doors 19 years ago.

It’s been a wonderful ride and I’ve worked with some amazing customers.

I’ve developed relationships with customers that I never imagined possible.

However, it is time for me to start taking a step back and start doing some of the

things that are necessary to take care of myself.

I recognize that I maintain a significant amount of information for our clients that they should have already have, but I am creating a resource that will allow you to request information via email. If you require some information, please email me at I have taken a full-time job, but I will be able to respond periodically to requests.

Thank you so much for the many years that you have allowed us to

provide for your needs.