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Managed Services


Home Maintenance Programs


Maintenance on home machines is something that is oftentimes overlooked.  We usually get our antivirus on there and expect it to run like it just came out of the box.  There are many web pages out there that tend to lead the unsuspecting user down the road of installing what they are leading us to believe a required update that is really going to just install some adware program that will annoy you and degrade the performance of the machine.


Geek of Nevada offers remote, in-shop and onsite maintenance solutions for the home user.  Let us make the determination as to what programs are known to degrade the performance of the machine and what updates are really going to protect the machine.  Let us clear your cache and make sure that your computing experience is the best that is possible.  Please contact our office for an evaluation to see what type of service program is going to meet your needs best.


Corporate Maintenance Programs


Your staff is there to conduct business that is going to help you achieve your business goals.  Let us take care of the well-being of your servers and workstations.  Most maintenance solutions are provided during off hours so you don’t have a technician fumbling around your office during working hours and distracting your staff from doing their job.


Please contact our office to develop and customized plan for protecting your network.


Spam Filtering


The number one complaint that I hear from clients is “What can I do about all of this spam I get in my email box?”  There are some great filtering products from software manufacturers that perform spam filtering within an email client or on an internet browser, but most of it just sends that email to a specific folder in that client or on a website.  Users still need to review those filters to make sure that they are not losing email to the spam filter.


Geeks of Nevada is proud to partner with Edgewave Technologies in providing inbound/outbound Spam and Antivirus filtering.  All mail is routed through Edge wave’s  filtering server before it ever hits your inbox.  The domain administrator can utilize default policies for blocking or marking up email before its forwarded to your mail server.  To give you an idea, the mail server typically filters out approximately 1,000 emails per day.  It has been a huge benefit in increasing productivity of our staff.  The best part is that pricing starts at just $3.00 per mailbox per month.  For information on getting setup on this solution, please contact our office at 775-841-7118 for a no cost consultation.


Offsite Backup Solutions


Data loss is not an issue of “if” it’s going to get lost….it is an issue of “when” it is going to get lost.  The old saying is “To err is human…but it takes a machine to really mess things up.”  We have clients tell us all the time that they just back-up to an external hard drive or a flash drive and take it offsite, but in many of our evaluations on networks, we find that those backups are not happening on a consistent basis.


Geeks of Nevada is proud to partner with Idrive for its offsite backup solution.  We install a small program on each machine that is to be backed up and create the necessary backup sets.  The backup set runs automatically at whatever interval you choose.  The software also generates an email that is sent to the machine owner, the office administrator and us, letting us know that the backup completed successfully.  The software also lets us know if there is a problem so that we can address issues as they arise…not when we go to restore the information from the backup.


Whether it’s a small backup on a single machine or a backup set for multiple users around the world, we can manage your backup needs.

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